What are Nicotine Vaporizers? The BEST Way EVER to Quit Smoking! Painlessly!

Never heard of a nicotine vaporizer? Neither had we until we desperately started searching for something ANYTHING that would help us both quit smoking that wouldn't turn us into crazy people. There are very few attractive - or affordable - options out there. Nicotine patches, nicotine gum and lozengers, antidepressants, etc. From our experience none of them work effectively due to a number of reasons. Side effects - nicotine patches caused our hearts to race, feel like speed freaks, and made us shake like junkies. Nicotine lozengers and gum taste like licking the bottom of an ashtray and are soooo not satisfying or effective of keeping the cravings at bay. Antidepressants made us whacked right out. Crying, depressed, utter lunatics, unable to function normally with our faces stuffed in the refrigerator 24/7. Absolute craziness. For years we were hoping and praying somebody would come up with a better way to quit smoking.

Well, they have! :-)

Nicotine vaporizers are a new, nifty little gadgets that vaporize a vegetable glycerine and water base with your choice of flavoring and NICOTINE to stave off those nic-fits that make most of us smokers unable to quit. The models we have for sale are approximately the size of a king size cigarette and tuck neatly away in your pocket without burning a hole in it. They run on rechargeable batteries which last months and are inexpensive - included in the kit - are dirt cheap in comparison to smoking, leave no aftertaste in the mouth as smoking does, have absolutely no odor, and do no damage to your lungs whatsoever. So you are able to get your daily dose of nicotine without damaging your body or being fearful of one day being diagnosed with a smoking related disease. The best thing is, they actually LOOK and FEEL like smoking! Unbelievable? That's what we also thought, til we gave them a shot. You can choose to eventually wean yourself off nicotine completely, or just continue to enjoy nicotine in a non-destructive manner for as long as you like. Even the rest of your life! These little gadgets are worth their weight in gold and are the best things to have been invented in the last 300 years!

One of the most spectacular things is that these nicotine vaping gadgets are being more and more accepted in public places such as pubs and restaurants. Meaning you can have that after dinner smoke without having to excuse yourself to the parking lot, or sneaking one in the toilet and hoping that you won't get caught and get the boot from the establishment, shamefaced.

These are just a few very basic advantages of using nicotine vaporizers. We will discuss more in later posts as there are inumerable financial, health, environmental and cosmetic advantages, as well as the fact that they're convenient as all get out! No need for disposable lighters, throwing away thousands of empty cigarette packs in your lifetime, or tossing cigarette butts on the ground in public because the city you live in refuses to provide ashtrays. I mean, hey, junkies get free needle exchanges! Us smokers can't even get ashtrays?!? :-)

Stay tuned, readers. We have got spectacular nicotine vaporizing kits for sale that include everything you need to get started 'vaping', at a very reasonable price :-) These are the very kits we use ourselves. In the mean time, take a look at our photos, which show you what is included in the complete starter kit, along with extra accessories like various flavors of vaping liquid, called 'eJuice'. If you really can't wait to get started, you can give us an email at smoke.freenow@yahoo.com and get all the details lickety split. We'll get back to you within 48 hours, guaranteed. If you're really really in a rush and in Canada, you can also call us at 604-808-6447 from 12:PM to 10:pm Pacific Standard Time only. Please respect those hours :-)

BTW, we quit smoking utilizing vaping in 1 MONTH! Unbelievable! After failing numerous times, over NUMEROUS YEARS, to kick the evil weed habit, we stopped smoking in only 1 MONTH with the help of these little babies!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to a smoke free 2011!! Painlessly!