Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Financial Advantages to Vaping or Using eCigarettes

As mentioned in another post, vaping or using ecigarettes, is far far cheaper than smoking cigarettes. If you live in Canada, smoking can burn a massive hole in your pocket and bank account. It can prevent you from building up any savings at all, literally.

Let's compare what it costs to smoke VS what it costs to vape.

After your initial purchase of a vaping/ecigarette kit - ours is only $85 for a complete kit which includes your first bottle of vaping liquid & 6 pre-filled refillable cartridges - the only out of pocket costs you'll have for the first several months is for your vaping liquid, also known as eLiquid, eJuice, nicotine juice or nicotine drops. We sell one bottle of vaping liquid for $15 each. The price is even lower if you buy multiples, and if you buy 4 you get one free. It's extremely economical! One bottle of that eJuice lasts me - a former pack-a-day smoker - for more than a week! Only $15 every week and a half!

Smoking in Canada, as mentioned, is extremely pricey. The cigarettes we used to buy generally cost $8 per pack, but can go up to $11 depending on where they're bought. PLUS Canadian TAX, which is absolutely criminal! Seeing as I was a pack a day smoker, that equals out to MORE THAN $56 per week! That's approximately $94 minimum to smoke cigarettes for a week and a half! For ONE person! Being that we're a couple, the cost was double that.....$188 per week and a half! Compare that to the $15 for vaping liquid -  $30 for 2 of us - which completely quells your cravings for nicotine, and actually feels and looks like smoking a cigarette - check out our videos on how to use and refill your vaporizer - the choice to switch to vaping is incredibly attractive!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Health Advantages to Vaping

Vaping – using e-cigarettes - is far more economical than smoking cigarettes, not to mention the fact that we find it just as enjoyable. It also has no negative side effects and is not associated with any smoking related diseases.

It's been scientifically proven that smoking cigarettes causes a myriad of health problems. Smoking is directly associated with and causes countless diseases. Lung and other types of cancers, emphysema, asthma in adults and children whose parents smoke, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, dental diseases, birth defects, etc. Not to mention the other well known fact that smoking contributes to premature aging of the skin. Big time! Kinda negates all the hard earned money women spend on their creams, serums, cosmetics and plastic surgery.

Smokers also pay far higher rates for health and life insurance. Why? Because smokers are more likely to develop the above listed diseases, cost the insurance companies a fortune in health care costs, and very often die younger than non-smokers. More on that in another post!

In case many of you were not aware, NICOTINE DOES NOT CAUSE SMOKING RELATED DISEASES. The chemicals that the manufacturers use in producing cigarettes and the tar which coats the insides of your lungs do. Which is why vaping - or using e-cigarettes - is such a god-send to those of us who have tried countless numbers of times to quit smoking and have failed. We can now enjoy our nicotine fixes yet eliminate smoking tobacco altogether!

Is nicotine addictive? Absolutely! As is coffee/tea (try to quit drinking coffee suddenly as see what kinds of withdrawal symptoms you'll experience), beer, wine, vodka, etc. Alcohol can lead to alcoholism and disease. Too much coffee and tea can lead to health related problems. Yet all of the above are legal drugs. Nicotine itself, when not consumed in cigarettes, causes no known physical illnesses, social problems, family problems, spousal abuse, people killed by drunk drivers, jitters (coffee/tea), or any other negative results in our lives.

So go ahead and vape your brains out with no worries at all! Enjoy your e-smokes after a meal, with your beer and wine, after a stellar round of love-making! Any time you want!